How to Make Sure your Foxgloves Thrive

The foxglove is a flower that will always draw attention to itself, forming a tall spike of flowers that stand out amongst other, lower-lying shrubs and plants. In most varieties, the flowers will be pink or purple and the leaves will be a musky kind of green.


Most gardeners will be able to grow foxgloves successfully, but there are a few things to bear in mind. You must plant them at the right time of year, usually around late August time if you have ripe seeds. They will then usually flower in the mid-summer time.


When planting foxgloves, make sure you leave the seeds uncovered a little because they need to use light for germination. You should make sure you leave enough space between the seeds when planting in the ground, as this will ensure they will be able to grow tall. Make sure your flowers have some light shade.

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