The benefits of mulching

Mulching is and can be a masterstroke for your farm if done properly and with effective materials. Using organic mulch products is doubly good, it is generally good for the environment and one’s personal yard. The benefits of mulching are known to all and sundry, adding nutrients to the soil, retaining moisture, regulating soil temperature, smells good and suppresses weed growth. This leads to a low maintenance and low cost tendering of your entire yard.

Bark Mulch in the UK provides a variety in tree barks for mulching. Examples of these are the Cedar Mulch with a shredded texture and sweet smell with reddish orange colour, the Eco Bark which provides plenty of ground cover and resists wind, it is made of aged spruce and pine bark. The shredded Pine mulch is ideal for trees and shrubs as well as landscaping. The Dougas Fir mulch is also reddish brown and wind resistant. The other available products are the Montane garden mulch which is spruce and pine bark, fine textured and with an ability of soil amendment and adequate ground cover. The Foothills premium mulch which is premium aged spruce or pine barks for garden beds and the Rocky mountain mulch similar to the Foothills but it is bigger.

They have some useful tips on how to mulch trees. The organic mulching material being used in the directional tips is tree barks. The mulch should not be too thick. It should be 3 to 5 inches thick. If the mulch is applied too thickly, it will be counterproductive by denying the tree much needed moisture. The water from rainwater and overhead irrigation will be absorbed by the mulch itself and prevent water from reaching the tree’s roots. Thick layered mulch is inviting for rodents which will thrive in nibbling the bark and insects which will ravage the tree.

When mulching trees, one should not put the mulch too close together. It will endanger a tree’s health. It creates moisture on the tree’s bark and keep it moist, this is the right condition for pests and diseases. When one piles mulch round a tree, the humid environment will cause the roots to girdle and kill the tree. The right thing to do is space the mulch, even it out more and flatten it. Spread it a few inches from the tree’s base.

Coarse-textured mulch is ineffective in combating weed growth. They will not pack tightly and wind will easily slip in seeds which will encourage growth of weeds. When one mulches with tree barks, they should use the readily available materials in their region

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