Choosing The Right Topsoil

Are you in search of best topsoil perhaps for your backyard or flower garden? Well, it is indisputable that the quest can at times prove challenging especially for people not familiar with agricultural issues. It calls for adequate knowledge in the respective field if you must get topsoil that will benefit you in all aspects.

Consider A Credible Dealer

One thing you should understand and bear in mind always is that there is a great number of people selling this type of soil in UK. This only implies that there are chances of coming across sellers who are only business oriented and without the slightest knowledge of what makes best top layer soil. It is therefore recommended that you opt for a seller who clearly understands all aspects of this particular type of soil. A professional in agricultural matters is most preferable.

Take Colour Into Account

It is only natural that different soils feature different colours. The colour of the soil is usually used to define the category it belongs to. One thing you should note is that top layer soil features a dark color. Normally, the soil is usually dark brown or black in colour. If you therefore come across any soil that does not feature any of the mentioned colours, then refrain from buying it. Grey and whitish soil is known to have nutrients deficiency hence not ideal for agricultural purposes.

However, it is important to understand that not every dark soil makes the best selection. Note that swamp soil is dark in colour yet it does not make the best top layer soil. Again, it is best to go for a credible seller if you must evade buying the wrong top layer soil.


Another important factor you should never snub when buying topsoil is texture. It is important to note that best top layer soil has its own unique texture different from other types. One of the best ways to test the texture of top layer soil is by walking on it. If it feels sticky on your shoes, then that should not be your selection. The best soil should feel as if you are walking on sandy loam.

Alternatively, you can try and make a ball using the soil you are considering buying. If the soil clumps together even after you have let go, then it is not best. On the other hand, if the soil crumbles apart, then that can be exactly what you are looking for.


A lot of people tend to snub this factor any time they are looking for best topsoil. While soil odour may be considered a mediocre factor, it can play a great role in guiding you to make the right selection. The best soil is one that has sweet smell as opposed to decomposing one.

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