How To Encourage Your Sunflowers To Grow

Sunflowers are supposedly one of the easiest flowers you can grow. With them being targetted at children as something they can plant and enjoy growing alone. But what can we do to encourage them to grow bigger and bigger?

When planting flowers, it is easy to think they are going to grow best in a pot. This is not the case with sunflowers. We have found that planting them directly into the ground is most effective when you want to grow a large sunflower.

You should still water your sunflower regularly. But remember not to overwater them. They can grow amazingly without much input from us. Finding the right balance is key. If your children want to be involved, allowing them to give them a little water every week is best.

Finally, as their name would suggest they love the sun. Make sure they are in a spot where the sun is going to get them all throughout the day.

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