How Easy is it to Plant Strawberries in the UK?

It’s easier than you might think to plant and grow strawberries in the UK climate. With a little care and attention, your strawberry plants can thrive, and produce lots of fruit for you. Here is a guide to planting and looking after your plants:


  • You should plant your strawberries around late springtime, making sure you buy a healthy looking plant. This will help you to get strawberries that will thrive.
  • Plant your strawberries in rows if you have more than one plant. They don’t need much to grow – just some sunlight, and good quality soil. Don’t plant strawberries where you have previously grown tomatoes, as they can spread diseases.
  • You can grow strawberries in borders, planters or even in hanging baskets.
  • Water your plants regularly, especially whilst they are bedding in.
  • Pull out weeds in the surrounding areas to encourage your plants to grow juicy, healthy strawberries for you.

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