Growing Pansies in the UK

Pansies are a winter flowering plant and are popular throughout the UK for their range of colours. They are available in many different sizes and styles, so you will have plenty of choices when you decide to plant pansies in your garden. Choose from traditional flowers, or go for something more ornate like the trailing pansy.


You should plant pansies around September or October time. They should be planted with access to plenty of sunlight, though partial shade is also ok. They like to be grown in moist soil. When planting, the bottom of the stem should be around the level of the soil. They will need to be planted in individual holes.


It is not entirely possible to tell how pansies are going to flower. If the autumn weather is mild, they may flower until the spring, otherwise, they may die off during the winter months. Pinch off the flowers once wilted and dried up.

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