The Different Options for Double Garage Doors

If you have a particularly large garage, outhouse or other outdoor building, you might be looking for double width garage doors. These are larger garage doors that will fill the space required and provide a complete garage door solution, without you having to compromise at all. There are now many different designs available as double width garage doors, so the good news is that you will have plenty of choice – you shouldn’t have to choose a door just because it is the only one that will fit.


Many larger garage doors will either be in two sections, or they will appear to be in two sections, giving the impression that they are two doors. This can help to improve aesthetics and break up the appearance of a large door, which could otherwise just end up looking like an overly large expanse of material. You should make sure you choose a door that is the right aesthetic for your property. A side-hinged door will look more attractive and traditional, whereas a roller shutter or sectional door made from metal will be very modern and will look more aesthetically pleasing in the right environment. The best thing to do is to browse through your options and decide on the aesthetic that is going to be right for your property.


You also need to consider functionality, especially when you are choosing a double width garage door. They are by their very nature going to be large, heavy and more difficult to operate than other kinds of garage doors. An up and over door may be more difficult to operate in this size because it is going to be so heavy. It will be easier to have a roller shutter or sectional garage door because these will operate on their own and won’t require any extra effort from you. All you will have to do is open and close them using a switch or a remote control – there will be no manual opening involved.


If you can’t find the double width garage doors you need within a product range, it may be possible to have a door made for you. This is quite a popular service for double width and larger garage doors because it means you can specify the size. For a non-standard size opening, a custom-made door could very well be the option for you. This also means that you can specify everything you want to with regards to the aesthetics, like saying whether you would like a woodgrain appearance, a certain type of metal or a certain style of door.


It is really important that you get your double doors fitted by a professional. Double width garage doors are massive pieces of timber, metal or fibreglass, and they need an expert to make sure they are safe. If these doors fall off or become loose, they could cause severe damage or may even seriously injure someone because they are so big. Make sure the doors you choose are completely safe and are going to be fitted properly.

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