What to consider in constructing the best deck for your home

Is your living space enough? Do you require some extra space when holding social gatherings at your home? A deck is what you require. This is an outdoor construction created off the ground and works as an extension of the living room. Timber decking is among the common modes of construction where through use of hardwood or softwood materials some extra space is created enhancing the overall appearance and worth of the home alongside providing more living space. Using timber materials gives the home a more natural rustic look that metal or composite materials cannot achieve.

Hardwood or softwood materials

Homeowners are often at a loss in ascertaining whether to use hardwood or softwood for deck construction. While it remains individual choice on the materials, there are some factors to consider about both materials.

Hardwood is the most recommended material for this purpose. With its natural resistance, the need for sealants, stains and other maintenance options is reduced significantly. It has the ability to withstand weather extremes naturally when compared to the softwoods. However, hardwoods are expensive to acquire and this makes initial cost of deck installation high.

Softwood is easy to find. This type of wood is cheaper and provides accessible materials for timber decking. Unlike the hardwood, softwood is prone to extreme weather effects and hence regular maintenance practices are required for the deck. Installation process is easier and costs far much less when compared to the hardwoods.

Hire a professional or DIY

Building regulations vary between jurisdictions. It is important for a homeowner to ensure adherence to the set regulations while constructing a deck. In some instances a permit from local authorities may be required before construction. Construction contractors are also available to offer assistance in deck construction. Using their professional knowledge and expertise, the contractors are in a position to produce a more secure construction that fits in accordance with building regulations. To reduce the cost of construction, DIY model can be applied in construction. In this, the homeowner undertakes to construct the deck. Online guides are available for this purpose and can be followed to ensure a strong and long-lasting construction is achieved.

Materials and equipments required

To construct the timer deck, a number of materials must be in place. They include either hardwood or softwood timber depending on the homeowners choice. Fasteners including nails, bolts and screws are also required to hold different pieces together during construction. In some instances steel plates or special fasteners may be required in the event the deck being constructed will be holding heavy weight. Being outdoor creations, it is important to include protective seals. These are applied to the deck to reduce the effects of moisture and as well improve on the timbers appearance. It is important to choose the ideal sealer depending on the type of wood used and the desired appearance.


Whether for a new or an old home, a deck is important. Varying designs and materials are available for the deck’s construction and hence important ones that best fit to individual requirements. Timber decking is an important consideration as it gives a natural outlook alongside being easy to install and maintain.

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