Lighting Your Garden Creatively

There are many people that don’t consider the need to create a lighting atmosphere in their garden, as it’s the outside. However lighting is an important aspect for creating a decoratively designed garden.

Many outdoor lights are now solar powered, so for those who are energy conscious, we’d suggest this route. Be sure not to rule out firelight. Nothing is nicer on a cool evening than having a warm stove or fire pit in the seated area of your garden.

When considering your lighting options, make your decisions based on practicalities; use; effect and also cost.

  • Selecting fairy lights or LEDs can add a vibrant, or peacefulness to your garden, depending on size and colour – consider the effect you want them to produce.
  • If they are needing to be connected to a power socket, do you have one outdoors? – This is something to consider!
  • Selecting paving lights, do you want to have sunken lights, or standing path parker types?

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