Planting Bulbs in your Garden Area

Spring bulbs are a wonderful way to add glorious colour to your garden. Planting your bulbs from October to December will result in a riot of colour the following spring. As long as the bulbs are planted before the first frost, they should grow beautifully in time for the warmer weather to come along.

Most bulbs have a very long dormant time, meaning they require very little attention throughout the year. A healthy bulb should feel firm, and not be shrivelled up or soft. A healthy bulb will go on to produce a healthy flower!

Planting bulbs into your borders will help to fill any gaps and provide lovely colour and interest before the majority of perennials and shrubs come into flower. Daffodils and tulips provide spectacular colour, and drifts of one species can create a wonderful display. Or for a more creative look, why not try mixing up the varieties to create an even and striking burst of colour?

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