Is It Always Bigger Is Better?

With regards to your garden it depends on you whether bigger is better. In some cases this is not always true. Today we are going to look into why bigger may be better and why it may not.

A bigger garden can be seen as better as there is more room. This gives you more room to play with. Allowing you to have more plants, more play equipment and a bigger seating arrangements. Meaning your garden will not feel crammed at all.

However, these bigger items do come with a bigger price tag. You will be spending more money to fill your bigger garden. It is also much harder to care for a bigger garden. You will have more lawn and flowers to water, meaning it is much easier for some to be forgotten about. You will also find that it takes up more of your time. Mowing the lawn can go from a half an hour job to a two hour job depending on the size.

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