Choosing plants to give colour all year round – which plants to use in your garden

When planting up a garden, it is a nice idea to try to include some plants which can offer a colourful or interesting display all year round. The challenge here is knowing which plants can offer interest throughout the seasons, and which types of plants would suit the space you have available.

Generally speaking, any plant that is listed in the description as an “evergreen” plant will have something interesting happening all through the year. Examples of some popular evergreen plants are:

· Daphne

· Box

· Fatsia

· Lavendar

· Acuba

· Camelia

· Euonymus

· Mahonia

· Photinia

· Holly

These plants will offer a variety of colours and shapes for any garden, and will provide something to look at no matter what the season. Some of these plants, such as lavender and mahonia, are fantastic for attracting bees into your garden, as they are a good source of pollen and nectar. Butterflies will also find these plants attractive.

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