When is it the best time to plant Tulip Bulbs?

A common question within the gardening industry is;

“When is it the best time to plant Tulip Bulbs?”

Well before we begin, the Tulip is an eruasian (a type of plant) which originated from North Africa and belongs to the genus pool of the perennial, bulbous plants. Some variations of tulips are also considered to be in the lily family due to it’s herbaceous looks and scent about them.

There are a considerable number of cross-bred tulips which have led to a fantastic array of colours, shapes and sizes, all of which continues to be a focus for the gardening industry.

So when it comes to planting tulips, make sure they are in a space which see’s sun-light for the majority of the day, otherwise they won’t be able to germinate. Typically planting the bulbs in September will see a good return come next spring, which is when they blossom and flourish.

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