Stylish Garden Edging

The edging of a garden is often an accurate reflection of the owner, and only those gardeners who have good attention to detail to really think about garden edging. There are many different options out there when it comes to garden edging and this post will talk you through some of the finest examples.

Pebble Borders

These are a nice addition to a low maintenance garden, and if you only have potted plant to the edges than a nice pebble border that’s even all the way round the garden will certainly be a nice addition. The only maintenance necessary with this edging technique is weeding from time to time, as strong weeds can make their way through the pebbles to the surface.

Rounded Lawn Edges

Lawns can cut into a perfect edging design, and many people opt for shaped lawns and it’s an extremely simple technique. You only need to curve the lawn when you lay it, and you can then have a separating device such as bricks, rocks, stones or sleepers to hold the shape together.

Brick wall Edging

Brick walls do not always have to look industrial and typical and traditional bricks can make an ideal brick wall to surround crucial edges of your garden. If you have a friend who’s a ‘bricky’ then it could be a cheap job, and it’s a wonderful separator for different areas.

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