What To Plant In Your Garden In October

During the winter months, you can plant several varieties of vegetables that will overwinter ready for the spring. Including a selection of seeds, bulbs and plants.

Cauliflowers are one crop that can be sown now in cold frames.

Broadbeans can be sowed in October and November and then again in spring.

Some variety of lettuce can be sown over the winter months, such as winter gem. Salad leaves can also be grown easily in its and planters for easy pickings, however, they will need to be protected from frost using a cloche.

Herbs can also be grown throughout the winter months grown on a windowsill will give instant access.

Autumn onions and shallots planted now will be ready to harvest in early summer.

Fruit trees are also ideally planted now for them to become establish intimate for the fruiting season.

When it comes to planting bulbs and plants sweet peas can be planted now and overwintered under a cold frame, as well as oriental poppy seeds.

Wildflower seeds sown directly in the ground now will thrive and be a perfect haven for bees and butterflies next year.

Planting bulbs now will provide with a beautiful splash of colour in the spring. Daffodils, tulips, crocus are some of the bulbs you can plant before the first frost. Have you ever thought of planting dwarf daffodils into your lawn? These will give a beautiful explosion of colour to a tired lawn. You can either plant in patches or throw them into the air and plant where they land as if they have naturally grown there. Patch planting will still allow you the cut the lawn around them, whereas all over scattering will mean you’ll be to wait until they have flowered to do the first cut. Either way, the beauty of the colour is a wonderful way to welcome spring.

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