How to Grow Begonias Successfully

Begonias are available in many different varieties and will produce lovely colourful blooms to brighten up a garden. They should be planted in the spring time, from around February to June. You will need to wait until the frosts have passed though, as tuberous begonias are delicate. This is still a much easier way to grow them though, as growing them from seed is notoriously difficult.

Begonias will need the sun but not too much of it. A patch that gets the sun in the morning but shade in the afternoon will usually work very well. They will be able to cope with more sun if the weather is generally cooler, so if you are further up north you can choose a planting area that receives more sun exposure.

Water your begonias regularly, without drowning them and making the soil permanently wet. These flowers will grow at their best when the weather is not too hot, so you may want to spritz them with water on hot summer days.