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How Could Railway Sleepers be Used in your Garden?

Railway sleepers are large wooden beams that get their name due to their common usage on railway lines. You can even get reclaimed sleepers, that have previously been used on railway lines, upping your environmental credentials when you buy them. There are many creative ways that you can use sleepers in your garden and make [Continue]

The Different Types of Soil

Gardeners may come across different types of soil in various parts of the UK, which can have a huge implications on what they are able to grow there. There are things you can do to improve your soil, such as working in organic matter, so you should take these steps over a period of time [Continue]

Planting and Growing Lily Bulbs

The lily is a timeless favourite of UK gardeners. Lilies will make a statement and add a dramatic, classic beauty to a garden or courtyard space, which is why so many people choose lily bulbs to plant. If you want to successfully buy, plant and grow lilies in your garden space, then this article is [Continue]

Types of Turf Explained

Turf is used in gardens, on golf courses, on other lawned areas… it has many uses and there is nothing quite like a beautiful, green garden in the summer months. Different types of turf will serve different purposes, so choose the right one for your needs. 1. General turf. Usually used for gardens, this is [Continue]