Month: May 2014

Cleaning up your Patio for Summer

A clean patio can make a huge difference to the appeal of a garden but it usually involves a great deal of physical work if you want your tiles to show up nice and clean. Taking a wet rough sided sponge to the tiles can take a great deal of time but it means you [Continue]

Making The Right Choice of Topsoil

Are you in search of best topsoil perhaps for your backyard or flower garden? Well, it is indisputable that the quest can at times prove challenging especially for people not familiar with agricultural issues. It calls for adequate knowledge in the respective field if you must get topsoil that will benefit you in all aspects. [Continue]

Stylish Garden Edging

The edging of a garden is often an accurate reflection of the owner, and only those gardeners who have good attention to detail to really think about garden edging. There are many different options out there when it comes to garden edging and this post will talk you through some of the finest examples. Pebble [Continue]

Planning your Garden – It Starts on Paper

Every landscaping project should be planned in advance if it’s too look exactly as you wish, and some of the best landscaping projects start with a drawing on plain white paper. A full coloured drawing can help you see what colour tie together well, and which areas may lack colours, while furniture, and surfaces can [Continue]