What to Consider for Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are one of the most popular types of garage door on the market. They are the type most people will be familiar with – they have a classic opening mechanism where they swing open outwards through the use of a manual handle. If you are looking for a new garage door in the near future, an up and over door will most likely be your first port of call.

If this is your first time buying a garage door for your home (and it’s quite likely that it is, as garage doors last for many years), the decision making process doesn’t need to take forever – but it does need to be thorough. These are some of the key decisions you’ll need to make before investing in a new up and over garage door:

  • Budget. Look online and browse garage doors to get a good idea of prices. Many suppliers also hold seasonal sales, where you can buy an up and over garage door for considerably less money. If you already have preferred brands and retailers, keep an eye out for their sales.
  • Aesthetics. Once you have been browsing garage doors for a while, you will quickly become familiar with what you do and don’t like in terms of appearance. This will help you to make a decision based on how you want your new door to look and how well it will complement your home. There are different RAL colours you can choose, as well as different materials. For example, you might prefer a timber door, or just a timber finish for a lower price.
  • Retailers. Not every garage door retailer has the same stock. Track down a retailer that stocks your chosen door brands or, do things the other way round and choose a reliable retailer, then see what doors they have available. If they have a showroom where you can see the doors you like in person, even better.

Once you have started browsing and have addressed these decisions, you are in a good position to start thinking about buying a new garage door. Take the time to understand what is out there, what works for your home and what works for you.

What if an up and over garage door isn’t the right option for you?

You will probably realise that an up and over door isn’t for you quite quickly if you are looking for a new one and have a specific search criteria. For example, you may want an automated garage door that opens using an electrical opening system. Do bear in mind that you can attach a garage door opener to an up and over door, either at installation or in the future if you want to upgrade. If you still think an up and over door isn’t for you, the other types of garage door you can choose are roller shutter doors, sectional garage doors, round the corner garage doors and side hinged garage doors.