Do You Need a Professional to Fit Cladding?

Cladding is a material that can be fitted to the outside of a building to change its appearance, make it more weatherproof and give better insulation. Wood cladding is a popular choice for garden buildings, and perhaps annexes – it is often used on and around homes. It might also be used on large blocks of flats or commercial eco buildings. If you are carrying out a DIY project to build a shed or garage, you may be able to fit decking yourself. Feather edge cladding is usually a good option for this, as the edges make it easier to line up for a neat appearance.

Cladding that is being installed onto a large building is going to be more difficult to manage and a professional installation process is usually required. This is especially important if the cladding is being fitted onto a large building where working at height could be a risk and trained professionals are better placed to complete the job.