Clay Soil Preparation for Bulbs

Clay Soil is a great bug bare to many keen gardeners.  Rock hard and dry in the summer months, then the cooler wetter months sees sticky and clumpy soil that would be better placed in a pottery studio.  The key to preparing clay soil for bulb planting is to start in September.  The easiest way is to place bulbs directly onto the hard soil and cover with a leaf mould or wet soil with plenty water leaving it to soak before digging in a good amount of grit to give the clay soil some drainage.  Another idea is to add a mixture of compost, manure and sharp sand , digging it amounts of this every year will help to break down the clay and give your bulbs better growing condition than wet stodgy clay soil which may rot the bulbs. There are 100s of varieties of bulbs, however  consider are daffodils, tulips iris and snowdrops for some beautiful bright colours.