Month: July 2014

Enhance your garden with a patio/terrace

We really like the affect you can get by having a wooden terrace/patio installed in your garden, whether it connects to your home or not. A wood terrace with wooden vertical beams and open slats across for a roof can be transformed into an outdoor elegant paradise. You can have trellis’ installed around and on [Continue]

A family friendly garden

When you have a family, it’s a good idea to landscape your garden to suit you, otherwise you risk it getting ruined… If all you have is grass, you’ll need to be careful, repeated running inside and out of your back door by children and/or pets can ruin your grass, so it might be worthwhile [Continue]

What type of garden do you want?

When you live in a home with a garden you basically have another “room” to “decorate”. Firstly, just with other rooms in your home, you need to decide on what you want to use the garden space for. Space will be a large factor with this. If you have a large garden, or perhaps one [Continue]