Month: April 2014

Removing your weeds

If you haven’t given your garden much attention over the last several months than you may find that it is time to weed again. Weeding is a bit of a nightmare for all kinds of gardeners whether you’re experienced or not, and while it may take up a great deal of time, your garden will [Continue]

Go a Step further – Shape your Lawns

There’s no two ways around it, lawns can look boring if they are completely square, lacking anything dynamic or interesting. That doesn’t have to be the case, however, and there are plenty of different shapes you can incorporate using lawns and concrete, or areas of decking. Shaping borders can make your garden easier to maintain, [Continue]

Making your Garden Visitor-friendly

A garden can be more than just an outside space, especially if you think about the design and make it more accommodating for guests. In the summer months, a garden can be the main place to entertain people, and you have to be equipped for the barbecues, garden parties and pool parties if you’re fortunate [Continue]

Welcome to Gardening Talks

Welcome to the new website, where we are going to be discussing your gardening and landscaping requirements, from your options by way of garden designs, to how to accomplish all that you want to. Gardening can be a very labour intensive task, and if there is a lot of unwanted stuff in it, then removing [Continue]