Improving Your Garden With Upcycling

Upcycling is one way which you can improve your garden in some amazing ways. In simple, upcycling is reusing items around your house, giving them a new purpose. This is much better for the environment so should always be considered.

Decking Boards
When installing decking you will likely have leftover decking boards. You can easily upcycle these to make bordering pots for your garden. Panting these to give them the style you would like.

Milk Bottles
Everybody has empty plastic milk bottles which we recycle. But why not upcycle some of these? You can make milk bottle bird feeders by simply poking some holes into the milk bottle and placing bird food inside.

Wind Chime
Wind chimes are super easy to make and can be upcycled with many materials around your home. For example, pasta, broken CDs or beads from broken jewellery. These will look gorgeous in your garden, as well as adding a lovely chime in the wind breeze.

Creating a Garden Feature Using Decking Boards

Decking is a popular garden option because it is versatile, can be used almost anywhere, and makes a garden generally more usable. Decking boards are used to create a wooden deck area, often with railings or with steps up to it, which can also be constructed over uneven ground to make it easier to make use of more of the garden. Thus, decking can make a wonderful feature for any garden and can ensure that people get more use out of their gardens – they can even be used like a patio with lighting and heat lamps installed to make them more comfortable. A decking project doesn’t have to be difficult, either, and quality decking boards are readily and easily accessible from various sources.

When considering a deck, one of the most pertinent questions is: where is the deck going to go? Where will be the most practical option? It has to be about looks too and making sure that the decking area will look great and complement the rest of the garden is very important.

Choosing how to decorate decking areas once they are complete is very important. To make them into a feature, they could be adorned with large planters and pots, or they could even have certain types of plants growing across the top of them, creating a kind of canopy. There is a lot of freedom to make a decking area unique and personalised, adopting the personal tastes of the person it belongs to.

To make them usable all year round, especially in colder weather, decks to need to be well maintained. This doesn’t need to be an arduous task but it does need to be carefully considered.

Why Is Gardening Important?

There are many reasons why gardening is important. Today, we are going to share with you three different reasons why gardening is so important. Carry on gardening and encourage others to garden!

One of the main reasons why gardening is important focuses on you. When you are gardening you are exposing yourself to Vitamin D, which is extremely good for the body. Therefore, helping to keep you healthy.

Another reason why gardening is so important is the fact that it helps the environment. Allowing you to reuse any food waste for compost, as well as growing your own food. Helping to minimise CO2 emissions in food transportation. Your gardening will also help to reduce plastic usage and waste.

Finally, gardening helps to bring you are your children closer to nature. Giving you a more caring personality towards the world. Helping in every aspect of gardening to save wildlife, which may without you become extinct.

A Guide to Improving your Garden with a Sun Canopy

A garden is a place to enjoy, in good weather and bad, in spring, in summer, and throughout all of the seasons. When you want to make sure your garden is useable all year round and you’re looking to make some practical home improvements, a garden sun canopy could be just the change you are looking for. It will give your garden more year round, long term usability, so you can enjoy your plants and flowers any time of the day or night without worrying about the weather, because your canopy system will provide shelter and will allow you to spend more time out of doors.

If you have questions about how, and where, to use a sun canopy, and how exactly it can improve your garden, then this guide is for you. You will learn about the ins and outs of the sun canopies available and how you can use them in your own garden.

What is a sun canopy, how does it work, and are there different options available?

A sun canopy is essentially an awning or covering that will provide a shelter in your garden. It will usually be made of fabric, though other options are available too like glass (these might be called verandas though) and usually, the canopy will be fully retractable as well. It can be folded in and out as you please so if you want sun, you can have it. Equally, if you want shade, you can have it, and it’s available right at your finger tips.

You can personalise your sun canopy as you wish, so you can choose to have a certain type of fabric, you can choose the cassette that it folds away into, and you can choose particular guttering systems to make it more like a room, and ensure that rainwater will be directed away from the area where you have the covering. There is also the chance to personalise your canopy underneath and make it like a little outdoor sitting room, with heating and lighting that can turn it into a warm and cosy experience to be outside.

Where should I install my sun canopy?

In general sun canopies are fitted onto the side of a building and over a patio area. You can have a new patio built to accommodate one or you can have a sun canopy erected over an existing patio. In general, by making sure the canopy is close to the house, it becomes like a core part of the home so that you can open your doors and step out into your newly created patio space.

How can a sun canopy improve my garden and will it really be worth the money?

Sun canopies can be worth every penny for people who want to create a dedicated seating area in their garden and enjoy the fresh air, without venturing too far from the house. If this sounds like you, then a sun canopy would be a worthwhile addition to your garden space.

Natural Garden Homes

We all know how important it is for us to all care for our wildlife, especially through the winter months. Today, we are going to discuss creating natural homes for our wildlife this year.

Natural homes are exactly what they say, a more natural home for our wildlife which we have created. These are one of the best kinds of homes which we can offer to our wildlife and they do not take much effort. All you will need to do is keep objects and debris from your garden to one side. This can include soil, leaves, plant and logs. Piling these in a way which offers them entrances as well as enclosed areas to keep them warm. They will much prefer the natural feel of this home compared to one which is store brought and made. You will find lots of creature living in their like woodlice and spiders!