Is It Always Bigger Is Better?

With regards to your garden it depends on you whether bigger is better. In some cases this is not always true. Today we are going to look into why bigger may be better and why it may not.

A bigger garden can be seen as better as there is more room. This gives you more room to play with. Allowing you to have more plants, more play equipment and a bigger seating arrangements. Meaning your garden will not feel crammed at all.

However, these bigger items do come with a bigger price tag. You will be spending more money to fill your bigger garden. It is also much harder to care for a bigger garden. You will have more lawn and flowers to water, meaning it is much easier for some to be forgotten about. You will also find that it takes up more of your time. Mowing the lawn can go from a half an hour job to a two hour job depending on the size.

How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Garden?

Gardens come in all different shapes and sizes. It is much easier to work with a larger garden. So how can we make the most out of our smaller gardens? Is it still possible to make them appealing?

When you have a small garden, one of the first things I would do is take an aerial photo from a window up high. This will help you to visualise where you can place things.

Considering having a small set of seating. Most people go for large and luxurious. But this can’t always happen. There are many beautiful seating sets which are smaller. For example, a swinging garden chair.

Also, consider the space which is not ground level. For example your fence panels or walls. You can purchase plants which like to climb upwards, therefore taking up very little space. You could also have hanging plant pot which would add a splash of colour.

Clay Soil Preparation for Bulbs

Clay Soil is a great bug bare to many keen gardeners.  Rock hard and dry in the summer months, then the cooler wetter months sees sticky and clumpy soil that would be better placed in a pottery studio.  The key to preparing clay soil for bulb planting is to start in September.  The easiest way is to place bulbs directly onto the hard soil and cover with a leaf mould or wet soil with plenty water leaving it to soak before digging in a good amount of grit to give the clay soil some drainage.  Another idea is to add a mixture of compost, manure and sharp sand , digging it amounts of this every year will help to break down the clay and give your bulbs better growing condition than wet stodgy clay soil which may rot the bulbs. There are 100s of varieties of bulbs, however  consider are daffodils, tulips iris and snowdrops for some beautiful bright colours.

Landscaping your Garden with a Pergola – Buying One in Kit Form

Pergolas are popular and fashionable; they enhance the appearance of a garden and can help improve its atmosphere too. If you aren’t experienced in DIY, landscaping, gardening, or anything else that would seat you in good stead to construct a pergola, then you are in luck: pergola kits are simple and high quality, meaning you can build your own garden pergola more easily and begin to enjoy its benefits more quickly. If you have the right tools available for the construction, you can be enjoying your pergola in no time at all – a great option as the weather gets warmer and people hope to spend more time in their gardens.

How difficult is it to landscape your garden and incorporate a pergola?

If you want to add a feature like a pergola, gazebo or pavilion, it needs to be properly considered to ensure it will work in the way you want it to. If you have various seating areas, or patio areas where there is seating as well, then you should think about how a pergola will fit in. Will it be the right size? Will it fit in with the rest of the appearance of your garden? A pergola is a major purchase and will not be a cheap option so it is always worthwhile making sure that it will be the right option for you. There are lots of images online and in home design magazines to give you inspiration. When you have identified a pergola kit that you a thinking of buying, check the appearance of it and look at all the online images to understand exactly how it will look once complete. Check the dimensions very carefully as well to ensure it is going to be a good fit.

How difficult is it to build a pergola from kit form?

Building a pergola kit is much easier than building a pergola or other structure from raw materials, like wooden beams and sleepers. It is, however, still going to be quite a big job and something of a technical challenge. Do not underestimate the amount of work it will take. You will need to have the right tools, the space to erect the pergola, and the willpower to see it through! You will also need to have enough people to take delivery of the kit if it is large. The pergola kit will come with all of the components you need to build it and it should include detailed instructions as well, making it less daunting than other home improvement tasks.

Decorating your pergola – completing the look once it is installed

This is the fun part – you get to decorate your pergola your own way once it has been built and safely installed. You can install seating, or have it as a structure to cover a walkway. Many people grow plants such as ivy or vines on a pergola, which can be a lovely decorative touch and will make it into a true part of your garden.

A New Garden Gate – a Good Investment?

Garden gates serve many purposes – they make your garden and home more secure, they are aesthetically pleasing, and they mark the boundary of your garden. Over time, garden gates get damaged and weathered, making them less efficient and useful, and potentially meaning that they no longer serve their purpose. At the very least, they can begin to look shabby and can detract from the appearance of your home.

A new garden gate can be a very good investment for your home. There will be an initial cost, of course, but it will be an investment rather than an expense. You can buy a garden gate online or from a retailer that is good value for money, offering you a lot in return for your investment. Garden gates might be made of metal, but more often than not, they will be made of timber, creating a premium aesthetic that will suit both modern and traditional homes.