Choose the Right Garden Awning for You

Every now and then families enjoy a change of scenery. Changing your interior can be demanding and, more important, very expensive. It does not get easier than changing the scenery outside of the house. There is not a better feeling than relaxing in your garden while reading a good book, or spending some time with your friends and family. But, it is very likely that the weather won’t serve you and your plans will fail. What should you do then? Garden awnings are the best option for you. By getting some for your garden, you will get the necessary change of scenery and the optimal weather protection.

There are multiple types of garden awnings. Retractable awnings are one of them. They will keep both sun and rain from ruining your relaxation while keeping your garden, patio, deck and furniture safe. The best feature of the retractable awnings is controlling the amount of heat that gets to your house. This way, when you extend the awning you will get a cooling shade. You can also roll up the awning when the weather becomes colder to allow some sun rays heat your home.

The other option would be a standalone awning. They are simple to use and are very similar to retractable awnings. A feature that can be considered both as an advantage and disadvantage is that a standalone awning can be placed anywhere. It doesn’t have to be attached to your house. However, this feature can be slightly bad, because if the awning does not receive the necessary wind protection it can get damaged. Because of this, you may consider buying awnings with metal frames.

After you have chosen which type of awning you would like, you should pay attention to the materials awnings can be crafted from. Wooden frames are one option. They are practical and stylish, as well. However, they need regular treatment since the wood will splinter if it is left unprotected. Another choice would be aluminium frames which are lightweight and easy to attach. High-grade aluminium costs more, but it is also more weather-proof. Vinyl requires the least effort but is very hard to be put up. But, once it is set up it can be left alone over a long period of time.

When deciding which material to choose, keep one thing in mind – weather. The best awning material is thick and waterproof. Also, sunlight can make colours fade. If you live near water (lake or the sea) keep in mind that steel or metal parts are prone to rust. Also, certain awning materials attract rats. If these pests are common in your area, your awning may become a tasty food.

Buying garden awnings can be very useful. Besides improving the looks of your garden, not only you will have outside protection from the weather, but also your home. Strong sun rays and UV rays will be prevented from causing damage, as well as other weather conditions such as monsoons. Choose the perfect look for your garden and ensure your comfort in the outdoors.