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Natural Garden Homes

We all know how important it is for us to all care for our wildlife, especially through the winter months. Today, we are going to discuss creating natural homes for our wildlife this year. Natural homes are exactly what they say, a more natural home for our wildlife which we have created. These are one [Continue]

Is It Always Bigger Is Better?

With regards to your garden it depends on you whether bigger is better. In some cases this is not always true. Today we are going to look into why bigger may be better and why it may not. A bigger garden can be seen as better as there is more room. This gives you more [Continue]

Clay Soil Preparation for Bulbs

Clay Soil is a great bug bare to many keen gardeners.  Rock hard and dry in the summer months, then the cooler wetter months sees sticky and clumpy soil that would be better placed in a pottery studio.  The key to preparing clay soil for bulb planting is to start in September.  The easiest way [Continue]