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Clay Soil Preparation for Bulbs

Clay Soil is a great bug bare to many keen gardeners.  Rock hard and dry in the summer months, then the cooler wetter months sees sticky and clumpy soil that would be better placed in a pottery studio.  The key to preparing clay soil for bulb planting is to start in September.  The easiest way [Continue]

A New Garden Gate – a Good Investment?

Garden gates serve many purposes – they make your garden and home more secure, they are aesthetically pleasing, and they mark the boundary of your garden. Over time, garden gates get damaged and weathered, making them less efficient and useful, and potentially meaning that they no longer serve their purpose. At the very least, they [Continue]

Metal Railings for Gardens

Gardens need to be protected and looked after, but as it’s your garden, you don’t want this to look oppressive, or to intrude on the beauty of your home. Metal railings could be a preferable solution, providing a decorative yet protective feature to keep your garden more secure. Metal railings come in many different styles [Continue]